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Nose Problems

The common nasal problems !

Nasal problems are very common in the general population. Many people experience nasal and sinus problems. Symptoms can be in the form of : Running nose, Sneezing, Blokade of nose, Headache or Facial pain.

These problems may occur temporarily or persist for a long time. Most problems are due to allergy, infection or a deviated nasal septum.

Sneezing and Runny Nose

Generally speaking, sneezing and a runny nose indicate an allergic condition. The sufferer may have an allergy to almost anything but the common allergens are pollen, dust and dust mites, fungus in the air as well as chemical pollutants. Whilst a change of environment may help, it is sensible to keep the house as dust free as possible. If simple measures don’t work, you will do well with anti-allergy medication, either as tablets or a nasal spray. If it is very disturbing or also associated with blocking, it is better to see the ENT doctor.


Sneezing with generalised body ache and fever could be a prodromal symptom of viral infection which generally settles in few days. If it persists for more number of daysand the nasal discharge becomes yellowish and thick, then it is a sign of sinusitis. It is associated with blockage of nose, headache, facial pain and fever. Sinusitis is the inflammation of the lining of sinus cavity. This condition can be managed at early stage by medical treatment with a course of decongestants and antibiotics.

Some people have similar complaints for a longer period of time where it is known as chronic sinusitis. In chronic sinusitis the lining of sinus becomes more congested and the drainage of sinuses are blocked, at this stage medical treatment is less effective and it will have to be managed by surgery. It can be diagnosed by doing CT scan of sinuses and nasal endoscopy. It is better to see an ENT surgeon who will give proper guidance and advice appropriate line of management.

Deviated Septum of Nose

Sometimes the sufferer may experience blockage of nose on one side of the nasal cavity more than other side.It may be troublesome enough to disturb the sleep and normal daily functioning. The one sided nasal block is most commonly due to deviated septum of nose. It is the structural deviation of nasal septal bone and cartilage. Medical line of treatment is of no help and the deviated septum has to be corrected surgically to relieve the symptoms. The complaints may not be from childhood, it can appear later in life.

Bleeding from the Nose

Other, most common complaint is bleeding from the nose, which is more common in children and elderly. In children it is due to congestion of the nasal lining, infection in the nose, foreign body in the nose and nose picking. In elderly it is more commonly due to raised blood pressure. However, if the bleeding is persistent, more than just staining the handkerchief and always from one side of nasal cavity, it needs to be evaluated by doing the nasal endoscopy. The cause can be a tumour which needs further evaluation by doing CT scans and MRI. It is advisable to see an ENT surgeon for timely diagnosis of the condition and appropriate intervention.