The different types of Hearing Loss

The earliest indications of hearing loss that an individual will be able to notice, is various instances of inattentiveness, which may happen in the day-to-day life of the individual. You can notice the trace of hearing loss, when you feel uneasy while having conversations with others or in a meeting hall. You will also feel discomfort in hearing TV shows.

Devoid of hearing capacity, life becomes difficult. Hearing loss is a medical condition, which will make the individual concerned – withdrawn from social participation. However thanks to the innovative ENT therapeutic treatments, there are effective remedies for hearing loss. Whenever one feels that something is wrong with his or her hearing capability, then immediately they will have to see a competent ENT specialist to get it corrected. There are two types of hearing loss, ‘sensorineural’ and ‘conductive’.

Common Symptoms of Hearing Loss

  • Even when the opposite speaker talks loudly, the individual who suffers hearing loss will be incapable of hearing the sound properly and in a natural way.
  • The loud utterance may seem as a feeble murmur.
  • The individual will have to ask the speaker to repeat for several times.
  • There will be an inclination to stare at the speaker while having a conversation, because of the lack of ability to comprehend the sound.
  • There will not be the needed response to other’s talk
  • Because of the inability to socialize freely, the sufferer may shy away from social gatherings.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss: This is the medical condition where there is a permanent hearing loss, and this can be severe, moderate, or mild. The reason for this medical condition is the damages that occur in the inner part of the ear, or in the neural section.

Conductive Hearing Loss: The patient hears sound in a dull and hushed manner in this condition. The causes for the problem can be the inherent imperfection or the injuries that occurred in the outer or middle ear. Damages can occur in many parts like the ear-canal, ear-drum and the middle ear.

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